8 Fast Facts of Lacrosse

  1. Lacrosse is the fastest sport on two feet.
  2. Players must carry a stick to play. There are different types of sticks for each role. A mesh is strung to the stick head to handle the ball.
  3. Offensively, the main objective is to score on the other team, whereas, defensively, the primary target is to prevent being scored on by using body checks
    and stick checks.
  4. There are significant differences between Men’s and Women’s games, including protection gear and rules.
  5. Lacrosse was also known as the “Medicine Game” to Native Americans. It is believed that playing the game would grant players spiritual and healing strength.
  6. There are mainly two types of lacrosse games: box and field.
  7. The top 5 nations in field lacrosse (2014) are Canada, USA, Iroquois, Australia and England. The top 5 nations in box lacrosse (2015) are Canada, Iroquois, USA, Israel and England.
  8. The game of lacrosse may have originated as early as 1100 AD, and became well established in Canada by the 17th century.


American’s first sport (born of the North American Indian).

Originated with the Iroquois.

Played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop strong, virile men.

Referred as "The Creator's Game“.

Lacrosse is listed as one of the Olympic competitions during year 1928, 1932, & 1948.

During the Summer Olympics of year 1904 & 1908, Lacrosse had been one of the main competitions.
Canada won champions for both years.


Men's Field

Size of field: 110 m X 60 m (120.30 yards X 65.62 yards)

Goal crease radius: 3 m (3.28 yards)

Space behind the goal:12 m (13.12 yards)

Substitution area or gate:13 m (14.22 yards)

Centre face-off X to wing line and goal line to men’s restraining line:11.89 m (13 yards)

Women's Field

Size of field: 110 m x 60 m

Restraining line: 25 m

Space behind goal: 12 m

Team bench area: 18.5m




Women's lacrosse stick, goggles, mouth guard, cleats, (gloves)

Goal keepers: helmet with face guard, neck and chest protector, goalie gloves, tibia, thigh and abdominal protector


Lacrosse stick, lacrosse helmet, mouth guard, shoulder pads, chest guard, arm guards, elbow pads, gloves, protective cup, lacrosse cleats

Goal keepers: goalie stick, neck protector

Defensive players: long lacrosse stick