Japan High School Friendship Games

Date: 2017/11/23-26

We have had a wonderful Friendship Tournament experience back in 2015 in Tokyo, and we believe all our kids were hugely rewarded from the skilful and courteous Japanese players. Therefore, we are holding another trip to Tokyo for our U19 Men’s and Women’s Teams in the coming November. Everyone is looking forward to a whole new experience of lacrosse!

Interschool Lacrosse Championships 2017

Date: 2017/11/10-12
Location: Taipei Medical University

By virtue of last year’s well-received attempt, we proudly announce that the second Interschool Lacrosse Championships is going to be held in November. This year we are keeping the two divisions but the difference is there will be even more schools participating, and we’re bringing the girls into the games. All laxers, be sure to keep up with the event news!