The art of getting the ball off the ground and into the pocket of your stick.

  • Body bent down low.
  • Stick parallel to ground.
  • Go through the ball with continuous motion.
  • Quickly bring the stick up to face.
  • Use body and leg to protect stick end.
  • After picking up the ball take steps to green space.
  • Head up and look to pass the ball.
  • “Ball!” – “Man!” – “Release!”


The art of receiving a pass and creating space.

  • Ask for the ball (HELP!)
  • Position your stick near the box position to give a clear target.
  • Expose the greatest surface area of the head to give a clear target.
  • Receive the ball using the widest part of the head.
  • Try to see the ball into the stick.
  • Start cradling to keep the ball in stick and protect it from defender.


The ability to move the ball into teammate's pocket with power, speed and accuracy.

  • Stick in the Box position (shoulder area and ear).
  • Body Perpendicular to the target.
  • Point your lower hand shoulder at the target.
  • Stepping your off-stick foot in direction of the target.
  • Turn rotates and bring your should square towards target.
  • Mechanics is a pull and push. Pull on the bottom hand and Push on the upper hand.
  • Snap your wrist.


The art of using the movement of the stick to maintain possession of the ball.

  • Two-handed cradling.
  • Top hand 2-3” below the stick throat, responsible for controlling.
  • Bottom hand relaxed on the butt end, responsible for protecting.
  • Palm-in palm-out movement of the top hand to create centrifugal force to keep the ball in pocket.
  • Keep elbow up to hide stick inside body for protection.
  • Allow arms to move similar to natural movement when running.


The art of putting the ball into the goal.

  • Shooting is basically a choice between power and accuracy.
  • Shooting requires trunk rotation.
  • Arm extension will give power on the shot.
  • Pulling the bottom hand adds snap to the shot and makes goalie hard to follow.
  • Distance between hands determine the balance between power and accuracy, the further apart the more accurate while the closer together the more powerful.
  • The best area to aim for is the off hip-side of the goalie.
  • Distance from the goal decides balance among force, quickness and accuracy.