Interschool Lacrosse Championships 2017

Date: 2017/11/11-2017/11/12                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 View photos

Seniors piloted younger fellows and relayed their love for the sport

The long-awaited Interschool Lacrosse Championships was successfully conducted over the last weekend. It was the greatest-ever Interschool Championships rallying dear members of the lacrosse family from 10 different schools. We expressly introduced new elements to the event to bond the youngsters.

Intensive schedule, extensive experience

The three divisions, namely, the men's elite, the men's challenge and the women's divisions featured a total of 10 high schools and college across Taipei, Taichung and Taitung. Some schools participated in the event for the very first time and newbies were raring to make a debut!

Players had a very hectic 2-day round-robin game schedule which allowed their maximum potentials to be unleashed. The fierce "derby" between the two teams from TPCU and the impassioned performance by the junior high school players were beyond impressive. Girls of all ages were mixed and divided into three teams. We appreciate the senior girls who stepped up to be leaders and the junior girls who humbly learned and progressed throughout the tournament.

Novices and seniors showcased unrivalled efforts, neck and neck

Despite the very quick formation just two months prior to the event, some new teams showcased sheer perseverance on the battlefield. They fell, rebounded, persisted and kept fighting. We could not be more proud of them!

The chairperson of the event, coach Kinson, recognised the tremendous improvements of our players. “Senior players are demonstrating advanced Lacrosse IQ and developing great esprit de corps. They swiftly get the hang of the seven-on-seven format. For newbies, without a doubt, there is much room for improvement in skills, particularly the movement up and down the field. That being said, we are thrilled and proud to be treated to displays of dogged persistence and hard work.”

The Skill Contest – a mutual breakthrough for the event and the players

On top of the tournament matches, the highlight of the event must have been the maiden Skill Contest that consisted of an Individual Skill Challenge and a Partner Throw-Catch Challenge. Contestants had to harness their skills to complete a variety of tasks. The Contest just levelled up the fun and fatigue!

It has been a mission we feel obliged to fuel the flame of passion for lacrosse within every player. The Interschool Championships is going to be a major annual showcase that puts players’ polished skills and knowledge into test. We are already looking forward to even more fresh blood next year, and our senior players piloting the juniors through the steep learning curve!


Champion Teams

Men's Elite - Taipei City University of Science & Technology Blues (16 points)
Men's Challenge - Hsin Sheng Junior High School (14 points)
Women's - Team “Smile" (11 points)


Game Scores (Chinese Only)

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