ASPAC Championships 2017

Date: 2017/06/17-2017/06/24                                                                                                                                                                                               View photos     |     Watch video

Intense battles in ASPAC 2017 featuring Team Taiwan and five more

The ASPAC Championships 2017 held in Jeju, Korea had been a great success. This trip meant great challenges to Men’s Team Taiwan’s mentality and physical strength, considering the length of the tournament. Moreover, we put six female players up for the APLU United Team, looking to bring international lacrosse exposures to the growing Women’s Team.

Well-deserved overall results with an electrifying win

Team Taiwan faced Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China in the round robin games. The very physical, skillful and fast opponents had not stopped us from hustling up and down the field.

The most exciting game could only be the play-off. Facing the significant number of predominant players from the opponent team, we were thrilled to have led with a few goals first. The crucial 9-9 situation was killed at the final 17 seconds of game time, by midfielder Li Chi-En who scored the game winner. The boys richly deserved the win and the 5th position in the tournament.

First time for Taiwan Women’s lacrosse – the APLU United Team was about valuable friendships

Our girls’ participation in the APLU United Team merits our attention too. This year, six female players joined the United Team which consisted of players from Japan, Korea, Singapore and China. These girls could not but communicate with body language, but language barrier meant nothing when enjoying lacrosse was everything – lacrosse knows no bounds!

Having Japanese coach Minami Kikuchi coaching the Team, our girls went from being shy to building teamwork with multi-national teammates. It was indeed a week of wonderful experiences to be treasured.

“Succession, perseverance, smiles, breakthrough” – values to always bear in mind

The tournament had indisputably exposed players to precious game experiences. Players made their best efforts putting their knowledge into good use, and demonstrated the core values we always treasure: Succession, perseverance, smiles, and breakthrough. The coaching team hopes the Team, in the future, could keep up the perseverance and spirits. On the field, they shall give all out and regret none. Off the field, they shall pass on the great things and always be ready for challenges.

Let’s look forward to the Team scaling heights in the short future!

Overall Results

Day 1 - 2017/06/18
Men's Team Taiwan 3:11 Korea

Day 2 - 2017/06/19
Men's Team Taiwan 0:24 Australia

Day 3 - 2017/06/20
Men's Team Taiwan 11:16 China

Day 4 - 2017/06/21
Men's Team Taiwan 1:21 Japan

Day 5 - 2017/06/22
Men's Team Taiwan 2:10 Hong Kong

Day 6 - 2017/06/23
Men's Team Taiwan 10:9 China