Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2017

Date: 2017/04/14-2017/04/16

Team Taiwan made an all-out effort in Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2017

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Most diversified teams ever had participated in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open held during the Easter weekends. It was also Men’s Team Taiwan’s very first challenge against foreign teams. Our boys’ gained tremendous experiences and showcased outstanding physicality and teamwork, impressing the coaches and instilling themselves greater confidence.  

Men’s Team Taiwan arrived Hong Kong on 13th April, kicking off their matches on the other day. This year’s tournament assembled Hone Kong’s home teams, namely the Men’s and Women’s Representative Teams and Youth Academy Teams, also one formed by expatriates, and teams from Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. Unlike former years' two-division format, all teams enjoyed the chance to play off regardless of the years of experiences, making the tournament even more exhilarating.

Our first battle was the boys’ most memorable one – against Team JJ formed by expatriates in Hong Kong. The boys did panic at first considering the sizes of the opponents. To our coaches’ surprise, they demonstrated great physical and tactical strengths as well as impressive teamwork, tying tight with Team JJ in the first half despite the loss in the end. 

In the rest of the tournament, Men’s Team Taiwan showed improvements in both teamwork and lacrosse IQ. They used to learn the tactics by rote, but they showed increased autonomy with the seniors carrying the team. Every single player showed off their edges on the field. The coaches commented, saying that alongside techniques, physicality and experiences that can be trained and accumulated, players’ concentration in games is, above all, the core value. The essence of shaping such an attribute is the player’s demands on oneself.

The Chairwoman of TWLA, Sarah Lin, holds firm to her belief that TWLA was founded to provide local teenagers a whole new sport experience and an opportunity to enrich themselves.  Therefore, results never top the agenda. We focus on giving players’ exposure and inspiration. 


Overall Results

Day 1 - 2017/04/14
Team Taiwan 3:11. HK Team JJ
Team Taiwan 1:16 Team Siam

Day 2 - 2017/04/15
Team Taiwan 6:12 Shanghai
Team Taiwan 7:3 HK YA

Day 3 - 2017/04/16
Team Taiwan 8:2 Bayswater