Taiwan Women's Lacrosse Camp

Date: 2016/08/19-21

Our first ever Women's Lacrosse Camp was organized on 19th-21st August in Taitung. A total of 20 girls aged from 13 to 28 participated in the 3-day training, showing great enjoyment and passion in playing lacrosse. 

With the help of 6 Hong Kong coaches, we were able to enhance the girls' lacrosse knowledge and skills effectively. 

On the first day, basic skills of cradling, passing and ground-ball were practiced, while coaches explained the rules of women's lacrosse and shared their personal experiences. The girls had a taste of being the goalie on the second day. Despite being fearful at first, they feel excited after experiencing the fun of saving shots. The camp concluded with a series of mini game, where coaches and participants joined together to compete in a final scrimmage game.  

Overall, the camp has been a great success and lacrosse does make friends!  

We would like to show out gratitude again to our friends from Hong Kong: Winnie, Crispy, Trish, Sally, Mich and Karen.