FIL U19 Men's Lacrosse World Championships 2016

Date: 2016/07/07-2016/07/16

We were excited that Taiwan was able to participate in our first ever international lacrosse tournament. A total of 14 teams participated in The U-19 Men's Lacrosse World Championships 2016, where the Blue division consists of USA, Canada, Australia, Iroquois; the Red Division consists of Taiwan, Hong Kong, Mexico, Israel, Germany; and the Green Division consists of Korea, Scotland, Ireland and China. Teams first competed in placement games, followed by round-robin games which decided their final positions. 

Among all games, the round-robin game against Mexico was certainly most remarkable to us. Both teams showed great determination and perseverance to win, leading to a tied score when regulation time was over. In extra-time, both teams scored respectively hence sudden-death game was implemented. Finally we scored in the 7th period of the extra-time and won this game. This became our first ever win in FIL international tournament, at the same time recorded as the longest match ever in FIL history!

Despite the win, there were matches that we surely could do better. In the games against Hong Kong, Korea or the final game against Mexico, we suffered heavy losses due to lack of focus in certain periods. Among these losses, we gained countless valuable on-field and off-field experiences which would certainly transform us into a better team in the coming tournaments. 

After a series of exciting and exhausting matches, Taiwan came 14th in the end.


Round-robin games
Taiwan 2:19 Germany
Taiwan 1:15 Hong Kong
Taiwan 3:17 Israel
Taiwan 8:7 Mexico

Placement games
Taiwan 6:9 Korea
Taiwan 4:9 Mexico

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2016 Iroquois U19 Lacrosse Team welcome our Team with traditional dancing ritual.