LaxCon 2016, Baltimore

Date: 2016/01/22-2016/01/24

LaxCon is considered one of the largest lacrosse educational events in the world. Coaches, officials, and world-class athletes are invited to put on dozens of instructional clinics. Furthermore, an abundance of lacrosse product manufacturers across the country also gather here to showcase their most innovative offerings.

LaxCon 2016 was hosted in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., from January 22-24th.

We Taiwan Lacrosse Association were honored to be invited to participate in this event. Our coaches and developmental board were excited to bring back new and valuable knowledge on how to continue teaching and growing the sport of lacrosse. The convention itself also gave us the precious chance to share our passion and experience with other lacrosse organisations striving for similar goals, and of course, provided us the opportunity to get a few selfies in with some of our favourite players.

Despite the snowstorms in Baltimore, which forced some of the activities to be cancelled and surely affected the number of expected participants, LaxCon remained a priceless experience to the entire staff of Taiwan Lacrosse and we look forward to returning to this spectacular gathering next year!

Taiwan Lacrosse Association