Tokyo Highschool Tournament 2015

Date: 2015/11/20-2015/11/24

"Lacrosse makes friends" is a motto that Japan Lacrosse upholds. In order to pursue the true meaning of this motto, Team Taiwan visited Tokyo from November 20-24th, 2015 to participate in a series of friendly high school games with Iwakura High School, Kaijo High School, and Waseda High School. Needless to say, our young players quickly got acclimated with each other and enjoyed a series of competitive and enjoyable matches.  

Before the tournament started, the Taiwan Team and Iwakura High School held a joint practice session under the lead of Travis Gillespie, the new Taiwan Head Coach.

Game Result

First Day
Taiwan 1:3 Kaijo
Taiwan 4:2 Waseda

Second Day
Taiwan 3:1 Waseda
Taiwan 0:4 Kaijo
Taiwan 1:6 Iwakura

Apart from competing against each other, the players also had a dinner gathering ion the last night. Lacrosse indeed makes friends!

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