Summer Camps 2017

Date: 2017/07                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            More photos

Summer Camp series was a blast! Everyone ain’t got enough of the fun.

This summer, we proudly provided a brand new summer activity option for teenagers. Taiwan Lacrosse Association (TWLA), which has been giving full measure to grow lacrosse at all ages, launched a series of Summer Camps. Apart from the Taipei City University of Science & Technology (TPCU) Summer Camp, we also hosted the 2017 Summer Lacrosse Camp and the Taipei Fuhsing Private Elementary School Summer Day Camp, targeting 3rd to 6th graders. Amateurish youngsters and kids surely got the hang of basic lacrosse skills through simple and fun drills.

Dissimilar from authentic intense lacrosse, we turned the game into simple interactive drills, prioritizing ease, safety and entertainment. Such skills as cradling, ground ball, passing and catching, and shooting were merged into familiar childhood games to create interest and boost performance. Even though the heat was bouncing off hard the fields, the events were full of screams and laughter.

These events could not have been done without the supports of participants and their parents. The Association is planning to roll out a winter edition, and thinking about bringing parents in to learn with their children, just because we believe people of all ages ought to enjoy the fun of lacrosse! We hope all participants had a great time and we are so looking forward to more and more people knowing and learning the sport.

ASPAC Championships 2017

Date: 2017/06/17-2017/06/24                                                                                                                                                                                               View photos     |     Watch video

Intense battles in ASPAC 2017 featuring Team Taiwan and five more

The ASPAC Championships 2017 held in Jeju, Korea had been a great success. This trip meant great challenges to Men’s Team Taiwan’s mentality and physical strength, considering the length of the tournament. Moreover, we put six female players up for the APLU United Team, looking to bring international lacrosse exposures to the growing Women’s Team.

Well-deserved overall results with an electrifying win

Team Taiwan faced Korea, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and China in the round robin games. The very physical, skillful and fast opponents had not stopped us from hustling up and down the field.

The most exciting game could only be the play-off. Facing the significant number of predominant players from the opponent team, we were thrilled to have led with a few goals first. The crucial 9-9 situation was killed at the final 17 seconds of game time, by midfielder Li Chi-En who scored the game winner. The boys richly deserved the win and the 5th position in the tournament.

First time for Taiwan Women’s lacrosse – the APLU United Team was about valuable friendships

Our girls’ participation in the APLU United Team merits our attention too. This year, six female players joined the United Team which consisted of players from Japan, Korea, Singapore and China. These girls could not but communicate with body language, but language barrier meant nothing when enjoying lacrosse was everything – lacrosse knows no bounds!

Having Japanese coach Minami Kikuchi coaching the Team, our girls went from being shy to building teamwork with multi-national teammates. It was indeed a week of wonderful experiences to be treasured.

“Succession, perseverance, smiles, breakthrough” – values to always bear in mind

The tournament had indisputably exposed players to precious game experiences. Players made their best efforts putting their knowledge into good use, and demonstrated the core values we always treasure: Succession, perseverance, smiles, and breakthrough. The coaching team hopes the Team, in the future, could keep up the perseverance and spirits. On the field, they shall give all out and regret none. Off the field, they shall pass on the great things and always be ready for challenges.

Let’s look forward to the Team scaling heights in the short future!

Overall Results

Day 1 - 2017/06/18
Men's Team Taiwan 3:11 Korea

Day 2 - 2017/06/19
Men's Team Taiwan 0:24 Australia

Day 3 - 2017/06/20
Men's Team Taiwan 11:16 China

Day 4 - 2017/06/21
Men's Team Taiwan 1:21 Japan

Day 5 - 2017/06/22
Men's Team Taiwan 2:10 Hong Kong

Day 6 - 2017/06/23
Men's Team Taiwan 10:9 China

Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2017

Date: 2017/04/14-2017/04/16

Team Taiwan made an all-out effort in Hong Kong Lacrosse Open 2017

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Most diversified teams ever had participated in the Hong Kong Lacrosse Open held during the Easter weekends. It was also Men’s Team Taiwan’s very first challenge against foreign teams. Our boys’ gained tremendous experiences and showcased outstanding physicality and teamwork, impressing the coaches and instilling themselves greater confidence.  

Men’s Team Taiwan arrived Hong Kong on 13th April, kicking off their matches on the other day. This year’s tournament assembled Hone Kong’s home teams, namely the Men’s and Women’s Representative Teams and Youth Academy Teams, also one formed by expatriates, and teams from Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Australia, and Singapore. Unlike former years' two-division format, all teams enjoyed the chance to play off regardless of the years of experiences, making the tournament even more exhilarating.

Our first battle was the boys’ most memorable one – against Team JJ formed by expatriates in Hong Kong. The boys did panic at first considering the sizes of the opponents. To our coaches’ surprise, they demonstrated great physical and tactical strengths as well as impressive teamwork, tying tight with Team JJ in the first half despite the loss in the end. 

In the rest of the tournament, Men’s Team Taiwan showed improvements in both teamwork and lacrosse IQ. They used to learn the tactics by rote, but they showed increased autonomy with the seniors carrying the team. Every single player showed off their edges on the field. The coaches commented, saying that alongside techniques, physicality and experiences that can be trained and accumulated, players’ concentration in games is, above all, the core value. The essence of shaping such an attribute is the player’s demands on oneself.

The Chairwoman of TWLA, Sarah Lin, holds firm to her belief that TWLA was founded to provide local teenagers a whole new sport experience and an opportunity to enrich themselves.  Therefore, results never top the agenda. We focus on giving players’ exposure and inspiration. 


Overall Results

Day 1 - 2017/04/14
Team Taiwan 3:11. HK Team JJ
Team Taiwan 1:16 Team Siam

Day 2 - 2017/04/15
Team Taiwan 6:12 Shanghai
Team Taiwan 7:3 HK YA

Day 3 - 2017/04/16
Team Taiwan 8:2 Bayswater

Greater China Cup 2017

Date: 2017/02/18-2017/02/19

Big hand for the attitude! Our Men's and Women's U19 Teams have made their best debut in Greater China Cup 2017



The Second Greater China Cup (GCC) took place in Hong Kong from February 18th to 19th, 2017. Both our boys and girls did a really great job on the field, showcasing their skills and eagerness to win.  We are grateful to witness the growth of our young players and this would definitely strengthen our belief to devote ourselves in developing lacrosse all across Taiwan.  

Our Men’s and Women’s U19 Teams for GCC this year are composed of players from several schools across different regions, including Kung-Tung Technical Senior High, Taitung Senior Commercial Vocational School, Cheng-Kung Commercial & Aquaculture Senior High, Changhua County Tian-Jhong Senior High, Taipei American School, and even Junior High like Hsin-Sheng Junior High and Tung-Hai Junior High. Most of these players are under 19 and had less than a year experience. Not only has GCC allowed these freshers to play their first overseas tournament, but it has also provided a golden opportunity for them to interact with foreign lacrosse community. 



Pre-Match Practices

To better prepare themselves for their first-ever tournament, both teams arrived Hong Kong in advance on 15th.  The coaches decided that the girls could make use of some extra challenges, so they went straight up to conquer the Lion Rock. The amazing night view of Kowloon after night hiking marked the start of their journey.

During the next two days, our teams had morning practice sessions and night scrimmages against various club teams, focusing on developing team chemistry and intensity. As the Men’s U19 Team was composed of a few sophomore players and a group of freshmen, it was important for them to get along with each other and work things out utilizing these sessions. Meanwhile, despite being established merely six months ago, our Women’s U19 Team surprised everyone with their tough mentality and vigorous performance.

Day 1



On 18th, the 2017 Greater China Cup kicked off in Kowloon Bay Park. Our Men’s U19 Team sharpened their performance throughout the training sessions and was able to win their first game against Hong Kong Youth Academy by 7-1, while losing a close game to Hong Kong Stars by 3-4. On the other hand, our Women’s U19 Team had two solid games against Hong Kong U23 and Hong Kong U25, losing both by 1-6 and 2-9 respectively. Regardless of the score, our girls had seized every single opportunity to improve and displayed passion towards the game that beyond coaches’ expectations. We believe that the girls would be capable of a much better performance next time as long as they can carry on with such dedication. 

Day 2

The second day of GCC would determine the winner of the tournament. After a night of recovery and team evaluation, our boys were all fueled up and ready to take on team Hong Kong Stars once again. The battle was intense and the score was tied at 2-2 throughout the first three quarter.  Attacker Chiou Bing-Ruei stood up for the team in the fourth quarter, making two straight goals to wrap up the game, leading the Men’s U19 Team to finish first in the tournament.  

What is definitely worth mentioning is that two of the assistant coaches were in fact our existing senior Men’s Team players, who were trying to learn to be good coaches as well. It is exciting to see our players transforming into coaches, passing on what they have learned from their experience. 

While the performance of both teams was satisfying, all coaches agreed that reinforcing teamwork would be the first priority in the coming trainings. It is not uncommon that more experienced players would prefer to go it alone whereas freshers could rarely contribute. Learning to play together as a team is vital in order to push ourselves to achieve greater success in the future.  

The 2017 GCC marked a wonderful start of both our U19 team programs.  For sure, our boys and girls will come back faster and stronger next time. Stay tuned for our next competition!  


2017 Greater China Cup Overall Results:

Day 1 - 2017/02/18

Taiwan Women’s U19 1:6 Hong Kong U23
Taiwan Women’s U19 2:9 Hong Kong U25

Taiwan Men’s U19 3:2 Hong Kong Youth Academy
Taiwan Men’s U19 3:4 Hong Kong Stars

Day 2 - 2017/02/19

Taiwan Men’s U19 4:2 Hong Kong Stars



Interschool Lacrosse Championship 2016 - Taiwan Magpie Soars to Great Heights

The first-ever Interschool Championship was a great success. It has been our third year promoting the sport and all the hard work has come into play. 


Back in the days when we first started the Association, there were only around twenty beginners. We could only get better in skills through self-practice and participating in overseas tournaments. As time went by, the sport of lacrosse has become more popular among schools, and more teams have been established across Taiwan, which sparked off the happening of the interschool championship. Eventually, making this an arena for our home grown players to showcase their skills.

The interschool tournament was more than a couple of scrimmages. With the fact that there are quite a lot of beginners who have learnt the sport for merely three months, the tournament was separated into two divisions. In addition, there were all sorts of skill clinics like shooting and goaltending, rules overview and stringing theory held throughout the event. In spite of the packed schedule, players showed their enthusiasm in learning.  


“Watching the newbies play is just like seeing the old me. They are so eager to learn so that they can play in real games. I am so looking forward to more and more schools having their own lacrosse team.”

—TPCU Year 1, Li Chi-En



Travis Gillespie, the head coach of Taiwan Team, came all the way from Canada to participate in this momentous event..  

“I was once a professional lacrosse player; it has been so many years that I hardy get excited about lacrosse - until I came to Taiwan - the progress here surprises me every single time.

—Taiwan Team Head Coach, Travis Gillespie



Travis also brought his buddy, a guest goalie coach, Blake Duncan, to Taiwan to help out in the goalie clinic. "I had a lot of fun and enjoyed how much fun the kids had, it was really refreshing!”

The tournament was held in Taipei Medical University. The eight schools participated were from three different counties of Taiwan, including:

Taipei City University of Science and Technology
Changhua County Tianjhong Senior High School
Kung-Tung Technical Senior High School
National Cheng-Kung Commercial & Aquaculture Senior Vocational High School
National Taitung Senior Commercial Vocational School
Taitung County Pei Nan Junior High School
Hsin Sheng Junior High School
Taitung Dong Hai Junior High school.

The tournament adopted the format of 7-on-7 instead of the regular 10-on-10 full field game, which led  to faster tempo in both offence and defense. There are a total of 4 teams (High school/College) in the Advanced Division,  taking on each other in a double-robin system before playing the championship game. While in the Beginners Division(Junior High), two united teams would play against each other to determine the winner.

Among the four teams in the Advanced Division, Taipei City University has the most all-rounded roster, with several experienced national team players in the team. But they have never thought of giving in less effort. 

“I always ask my teammate to play their best game regardless of what opponent they are facing.” Taipei City University of Science and Technology’s goalie Tsao Yo-Chi said. “ We are just comparatively more experienced. Both our opponents and us would get better by playing wholeheartedly. ” After all, the overall improvement in Taiwan lacrosse is what matters the most. 

Kung-Tung Technical Senior High School was the first to have a lacrosse team in Taiwan. (some of the players have graduated from high school and entered university).  Lacrosse has started to become a tradition of the school, and more and more athletes are joining the team. 

"Hard work is our strength, that’s why we hustle hard for every ground ball."

—Tiahjong High School, Ke Zhao-Jun

Changhua County Tianjhong Senior High School has the freshest team. All their players have started playing the sport for 3 months only. Because of that, every match is a valuable lesson to them.  

The last team is the Taitung united team. It was formed by players from various schools. Despite not having their own teams, these players are enthusiastic and are excited to meet some new friends.  We hope that these players would be able
to lead their own school teams to join the tournament next year!

Many new learners have became more interested in the sport of lacrosse after having their first experience on the field.  “At first, I thought lacrosse is just getting
a stick and throw the ball around.” Li Yi-Chen said. “But after I had a first hand experience, it turns out to be a hot-blooded team game.”  

The overall champion of Advanced Division went  to Taipei City University of Science and Technology, whereas the Tian-Pei United Team won the Beginners Division.

Lacrosse matches are never about winning or losing. The most valuable thing for players are what they were able to learn from in and out of the field.

Kung-Tung team captain Chen Wei-En believes that the most important thing he learnt is the spirit of sportsmanship - never give up. “Never blame your teammates,” he said. “It is understandable for our junior players to feel scared and nervous in their first match. As a team captain, I would always do everything I can to help them. The most important thing we need to keep in our mind is to never give up regardless of how many points we are losing. The time left in the field is the room for us to improve.”

Hu Jian-Ying, 2nd year student from Kung-Tung , mentioned that the two things he deemed the most important in a lacrosse match are communication and attitude. “Good communication would come through building up the habit of talking on the field, but you have to build up your own attitude first. Do not bother to go on field if you do not treat every game or practice seriously.  

The game is all about fighting until the end, be it winning or losing .  You would only lose even more if you do not fight till the end. You can always learn more from being defeated.

—Kung-Tung Year 1, Li, Kun-Han


We are delighted to know that each lacrosse player was inspired in different ways . Apart from hoping to see improved skills on the field, we hope everyone can uphold the "Taiwan Magpie spirit"* of the Association – to spread the game of lacrosse. Let's hope that everyone will continue to learn, take care, and at the same time compete with each other in this one big family. 

We would like to take this opportunity to show our gratitude to our helpers, teachers, coaches and players who participated. 

It was a wonderful weekend of lacrosse. We cannot wait for the second year to come.

*General species of magpie babies leave their nests when they grow to become an adult bird and capable of taking care of themselves. Only the Taiwan magpies would stay in their nests to take care of other younger sibling birds before leaving. We hope our lacrosse players would continue to pass on this tradition of succession.

Group photo